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What is Financial Planning?

It is about preparing for future financial goals today. Financial goals include short term (vacations etc.) as well as long term (buying a house etc) goals.

In Simple terms, its an exercise of ascertaining your current as well as future income, and basis which determining your expenses, financial goals, spending pattern, and investments needed to improve your financial life.

Financial Planning Includes planning of following

  • Goals Setting
  • Insurance Planning
  • Investment Planning
  • Debt Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Children Education Planning

Steps in Financial Planning Process


Current Data Analysis

The first step is to analyse your existing data, income profile and understand your current financial position


Goals Mapping & Goals based investing

The next steps is to map your short term & long term financial goals with your resources/income profile and determine how much of your goals are achievable. 


Risk Mapping

Based on your financial goals, risk profiling shall be done to understand your risk appetite


Portfolio Design

Now, Your portfolio will be designed and funds will be allocated as per your financial goals targets and risk appetite. 


Portfolio creation

Final is to execute your plan either with us or on your own. Your portfolio is complete now

What Investors can achieve with us?

With right asset allocation in different investments available in the market and careful planning, investors can achieve a lot!


Every investor deserves to go on good vacations every year. Investors should enjoy their money, apart from saving it.

Early Financial freedom

If executed properly, you can get financially FREE much before your retirement and can enjoy a stress-free life

Good Education for children

It can help in building enough wealth that can fund best education for your children without any worry and is the best gifts that parents can offer to their children

Loan free Live

It decisions are taken in planned manner and with good saving attitude, investor can live loan free or can soon become loan free

HAPPY retirement

Retirement will be fun as investor will retired with good wealth in hand that will last their lifetime and can enjoy their second innings of life peacefully.

Top challenges faced by Investors

We have interacted with hundreds of investors over the last many years and have identified the top challenges which they face while doing their wealth creation and asset alloacation

1.Limited Time

Jobs are demanding today and in corporate life everyone have to focus too much into skill development and growth in the company so as to move up the ladder fast. Further juggling , between family & work is not so easy. This leaves with almost no time to focus on financial life and that means not making the best use of available resources.

Your finances need enough time and care.

2. Lack of Confidence

All of us read about personal finance and what to do. But when its time to take the real action happen, it’s not easy to take action with full confidence.

There is always this doubt and second thought in mind "What if I am wrong?" or "What if I am not doing the right thing?".

Therefore, It always helps to consult a professional and then take the action so that optimum investment can be done.

3. No Financial Structure at all

Almost every investor’s are quite over-confident in personal finance area however they lead a very un-structured financial life.

Don’t be that investor and mess up with your hard earned money. Many investors are good at starting but wealth creation is not about starting but also correcting the steps as and when needed as market is dynamic.

But No worries, we will help you in this aspect like we have done with with thousands of investors like you.

Investment is an art of constantly reviewing the actions taken and tracking things. With our help, you will be in a well monitored structure, which will put things in order – finally.

4. Half Knowledge Most dangerous than no Knowledge

Investors often read something on the internet and then they think they know the whole game. There are tons of things to consider when investing or putting your hard earned money at stake.

With limited information, you don’t get the whole perspective of financial planning and wealth creation.